May 25th 2018

Dates for your diary

4th June School Reopens

 Headteacher blog:

It has been a busy final week of term this week. Teachers and classroom support staff have been completing their final formal lessons with year 11 and 13, working hard to make the most of the final lessons and offering before school and after school interventions. We have been impressed by the turnout in many of these warm up sessions before examinations. Mr Hawthorne for example, reported that 23 of his class of 28 turned in for his Maths ‘warm up’ session at 8.00am earlier this week. Staff will continue to offer lessons during study leave to support any student who feels they would prefer to revise with their teacher. At points when they wish to revise in school, but not be in lessons, we ask that they base themselves in the canteen or library and sign in at reception. 
You may have been made aware that due to a bird entering the exam hall on Friday we had to put in place contingency plans to move  a number of students from Year 11 to a new venue. Thank you to all staff, students and particularly our examination officer, Mrs Soskinski, who worked together to provide the best possible alternative solution. The regulations around exams are strict and therefore we had a very short window to put in place an alternative venue. 
Saying a formal good bye to Year 13 is always difficult. They have been a superb asset to the school – leading by example and creating a real sense of community in the sixth form. When our Head Girl, Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy have visited other schools or community events, we have received letters letting us know how well they have represented the school. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to Iona Barron, Ryan Wiggens and their team for the fantastic support they have provided for the school.  Thomas Alleyne’s is better because of the work you have done.  We will miss you and wish you all well for your future. I would also like to mention 2 student leaders who introduced new online packages to the school which have been valued by our students: Anna  Sykes for persuading me that the purchase of Unifrog could only benefit our sixth form students; and Tom Hollins for taking the usage of GCSEpod to a level which places us in the top 10 nationally, and for running Year 11 revision sessions after school. Mentioning names is always difficult and there are so many other students who have raised money for charity, supported younger students in mentoroing, organised the wonderful sixth form leavers event  and supported us as staff by completing duties. Thank you to you all.
This week a team of non-classroom based staff and external consultants led by Mr Storer (our Business Manager) and Mr Mirams (our Site Manager)  have been working on our plans for site development. We are currently exploring the possibility of refurbishing 8 classrooms over the next 12 months and also extending our school canteen. These refurbishments will mean that all of these classrooms will be increased in size, so that they are in line with recommended classroom size, improving the environment in which all our students learn and our staff work within.  In addition to this, the plans for the replacement for the pavilion and mobile blocks are now past the initial design stage. In the very near future, we will be able to share images with you of the plan for the new build. We will also hold a meeting for any parent or member of the community to attend, so you can ask any questions you wish to pose to us and so that you can see the plans. Finally, work has already started on the replacement of the boilers and pipework over a significant part of our school site. 
We are very mindful that as a school, we will need to put in place comprehensive plans to be able to carry this work out on a busy school site. We will be beginning the work next half term and much will be taking place over the Summer, however some will run into the next academic year. Therefore we are working hard to minimise the impact on our current students. 
All of this work has been funded through succesful bids to the Department of Education or provided as a result of local housing development. 
The final piece of work, which we have not yet been successful in securing funding for, is the re-commissioning of our school pool. If you have any contacts, who you feel would like to see this resource for the school and community re-opened, please put us in touch with them. We do not want to lose this facility.
We have now staffed our Teaching School and are thrilled that Mrs Maingay, our new Deputy Headteacher, will be the strategic lead. She has vast experience of leading a teaching school. Mrs Lindsay, currently Assistant Headteacher and Head of RE, and Mrs K Goodwin, our newly appointed Assistant Headteacher, will be the Co-Directors of the teaching school.  Both have significant expertise of leading teacher training and Initial Teacher Training. We look forward to our first strategic team meeting when we will be working with other schools to develop our action plan for the coming 12 months. 
Finally, I wanted to mention my Year 9 classes. It has been a pleasure to teach them this year and due to me not being in school next half term, I have now had my final lesson of the year with them. During my time with them, I have particularly enjoyed studying poetry  from 1500 to the modern day, public speaking and more recently, Shakespeare. Having worked with them over the 12 months, I am excited by the potential they have shown in lessons and also the support they offer each other. The very experienced and knowledgable Mrs Fisher, Mrs Baldwin and Mr Hulme, will be taking on my lessons after half term. 
I wish you all a lovely half term and a safe expedition to all our Gold Duke of Edinburgh students. 
To year 11 and 13, get some rest but keep on with your revision – a very long holiday awaits you all! It will be well deserved. 




We are now two weeks into the external examinations and incredibly proud of the hard work, dedication and attitude of our students.
Keep working hard with revision, especially over half term. Stay motivated. We know you can do this!
Please see dates for examination results collections below:
Post-16 : Thursday 16th August from 7am
GCSE: Thursday 23rd August 9am-12pm
Ensure contact is made with the school exams officer if you need to arrange for your results to be posted, or you need an alternative arrangement.
Wishing you every possible success!

Year 10 Study Skills

Year 10 students should be starting revision for their mock exams now!  The more you do now, the more prepared you will be for these exams and for Year 11.
Please see the attached video clips from Lucy Parsons – who will be working with some of our students next year.  Find a style of revision that works for you!
Please ask your subject teachers if you would like more support.

GCSE Warm-up & Holiday Revision Sessions


Year 11 GCSE History

History half-term revision
Mrs Johnson is running a drop-in session for anyone who wants to discuss any aspects of GCSE history (content or exam technique) on Thursday 31st May from 10.00am until 2.00pm.
Paper One examines The British Sector of the Western Front and Medicine Through History (4/6/18) 
Paper Two examines American West and Anglo-Saxon and Norman Society (8/6/18)
Paper Three examines Weimar and Nazi Germany (12/6/18).
Pre-exam pep talk for Paper One
Monday 4th June in Rooms 15 and 16 from 8.00am.

Geography Revision

Year 11
Year 11 Geographers still have 65% of the total marks available in Paper 2 (Tuesday 5th June) and Paper 3 (Monday 11th June) so there is everything still to revise for! In order to help revise and prepare for these exams, the PPT below is a useful summary of the topics for Paper 2. Students are also welcome to come to a warm up session on Monday 4th June at 3.15pm in room 6. Students can also use the attached word document in order to help prepare for the Paper 3 decision making exercise on the new reservoir at Abingdon.
Year 13
Just a reminder that if any students have any queries or questions regarding revision or exam technique over the May half term, Edmodo is the best way to ask. Good luck with the revision and think like a geographer!

Y11 German Revision

Room 23 
Monday 4th June lesson 4 listening reading 
Thursday 7th June lesson 4 listening reading 
Tuesday 19th June lesson 3 writing 

Maths GCSE Revision

Well done to everyone on all their efforts so far.

To help with your preparation for the calculator exams here is a link to a website with revision lists, demonstration videos and practice papers.

These papers and revision checklists are based on the topics that either haven’t appeared or usually have a higher profile. As there are 3 papers, it is likely that topics from paper 1 may appear again, so definitely make sure you revise everything.

Higher tier –

Foundation tier –

Remember revision sessions in school are as follows

Paper 2 revision sessions:

Wednesday 6th June 11.20-1.20 (periods 3 and 4) and after school
Thursday 7th June 8am- 8.40 am (exam starts at 9am)

Paper 3 revision sessions:

Monday 11th June 11.20 – 12.20 (period 3) and after school
Tuesday 12th June 8am- 8.40 am (exam starts at 9am)

Equipment needed for the maths exam:

black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator for paper 2 and 3.

A-level Maths Revision

All A-level maths students have been given a timetable when each of the maths teachers are available.
There will be a revision morning for Core 3 and 4 on Thursday 31st May 9am – 1pm in rooms 104 and 105.

Respect Programme


The respect programme will now move onto exploring different life skills for Years 9 and 10. Extra form periods in the week may be used, particularly with Year 10 preparing for their exams towards the end of June.


Year 9 will be studying two themes, Volunteering then Drugs, looking into:

Why Volunteer?

Conservation Volunteering

Conservation Issues

Volunteering Abroad

Information and Advice

Messages about Drugs

How do you feel about drugs?

Year 10 will be spending the next half-term revising to prepare for their end of year exams. Afterwards, they will be moving onto building life skills. The topics include:

Why Revise?

Getting Prepared

Revision Techniques

Exam Techniques

Positive Mindsets


Role Models

Confidence Building

If there is anything that you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor or Head of House.

Art News

Have you taken Art/ Photography as an option for GCSE/ A Level?
Any aspiring artists and Photographers (and their families) are welcome to join our Annual Art Exhibition on 26th June 5:00-7:00pm.
This is a great chance to see a showcase of work completed by students in years 10-13 as well as some examples from Y9.  Every year we are taken back by the time and dedication, effort and perseverance our students exhibit towards their studies.  
Uttoxeter Rotary Club Young Photographer competition
Look at the link below to see a taster of the work done in the Art dept !

Rotary Club Young Photographer of The Year- DISTRICT competition
We have just had news that the following Y11 and Y13 students’ photographs have been shortlisted  to go through to represent Uttoxeter in the district Rotary Club Young Photographer Competition at Senior and College level.  The results will be announced at a presentation evening held on the 7th June in Aldridge and we will let you know results after the event. This competition is held across several counties and students work from different Rotary Clubs as far afield as Ironbridge, Ludlow in Shropshire, Stoke on Trent, Stafford and Walsall are also competing, so to have 6 students represented is a testament to their creativity and high caliber of photography.
If you want to see more of our fantastic students photography and artwork in general, our exhibition is open on Tuesday 26th June 5-7pm.
Y11 :
Lucy parker, 
Chealsea bowden
Millie Eaton
Mel Davis 
Jade Dyche
Rhiannon Kenny
Erica  Poyser
7th June doors open 6:30pm
Barr Beacon School, Old Hall Lane, Aldridge WS9 0RF 
Good luck everyone!







Summer HamperRaffle

News from PE

U15 County Cup Cricket
On Thursday Thomas Alleyne’s began their county cup cricket campaign against Cheadle High at Cheadle Cricket Cricket Club.  It was a perfect summers evening for cricket with a good smattering of supporters and the speaker system set up.  Alleyne’s were elected to bat first and began explosively with Harvey Belcher targeting the short boundary. Alleynes kep the run rate at around 8 per over but wickets fell at regular intervals, Belcher (14), Hayes (11), Bussell (3), Bosworth (11), Ford (4), Thornton (1), Carrington (0), Walsh (0).  Callum Dreher kept the innings together with 18. But the loss of wicket meant Alleynes were restricted to just 11 off the last 7 overs.  Mathew Payne and Lewis Dawson dug in well to ensure Alleynes batted out the overs.
With a target of 82 off 16 Alleynes had something to bowl at but were now second favourites.  Hostile and accurate bowling from Belcher and Bussell put the Cheadle batsmen under pressure but they were unable to make the breakthrough. The sole wicket being a run out.  Alleynes worked hard in the field though and kept the run rate below the target.  Captain Alex Ford and spinner Gregor Hayes were introduced and Cheadle required 11 runs off the final over.  Hayes held his nerve and Alleynes won by 1 run.
Next week we take on local rivals JCB in the district cup on Tuesday  and Erasmus Darwin on Thursday in the 2nd round of the county cup.

Year 10 Rounders Vs De ferrers

TAHS played a competitive, tough fixture against Deferrers in the glorious sunshine. 
The girls met their first objective of batting out the whole 10 minutes with three girls remaining for the final 3 minutes. Amassing a total of 4 1/2 rounders. The half time break saw Deferrers lead by 2 1/2 rounders. The second innings saw TAHS score at a similar rate against an excellent fielding side. Vicky Catterall, Jess Eardley and Libby Fry completed the game as TAHS top scorers all gaining two rounders. 
Alleyne’s kept a tight field for the last innings but were blown away by one Deferrers player who hit big into different regions of the pitch on each of her turns to allow Deferrers to extend their lead to 16 1/2 – 10. 
Team – Vicky Catterall, Shani Wright, Ellie Alcock, Jess Eardley, Libby Fry, Lily Ede, Katie Lawrence, Lucy Rogers,  Maddie Whalley,  Grace Harvey, Katelyn Emery


U15 Moorlands Cup Home v JCB

On Thursday Thomas Alleyne’s hosted JCB in the district cup first round. JCB won the toss and chose to bat, a decision they were soon regretting when Harvey Belcher rattled the stumps first ball. JCB did then put up some resistance up with a couple of well struck boundaries. Excellent bowling by Belcher (3 wickets for 6 runs), Gregor Hayes ( 2 for 12), Callum Dreher (2 for 7), and Jenson Bosworth (2 for 2) saw JCB bowled out in 13 overs for 39 runs. Alex Ford captained the side well and ensured the overs were bowled quickly. In reply Belcher hit a quick fire 19 and the winning runs came in just the 6th over. In the next round Alleyne’s will face Moorside.

After half term we will entertain Erasmus Darwin in the next round of the County Cup on Tuesday 5th June 2pm at Uttoxeter Cricket Club.


Congratulations to the following who have been selected to run in the County Athletics Championships at Northwood Stadium on Saturday 9th June.

George Foster 100m, 200m
Lewis Dawson 400m
Euan Walsh Shot
Owen Carrington 1500m
Lily Ede 300m
Shani Wright 800m and Long Jump
Abbie Hulbert 1500m
Ellie Allcock Shot and Discus
Lucy Carr Javelin


Year 9 Rounders 

The second rounders fixture of the year 9 season took place on Thursday evening in the glorious sunshine. De Ferrers came over to play against Alice Boothby, Holly Chatfield, Amelia Hadgett, Freya Hadgett, Scarlett Simister, Abby Moore, Jess Banner, Frankie Tooth and Jazz Hardisty. We batted first and lost some early wickets meaning we were bowled out early after scoring 5 rounders. De Ferrers then batted and we caught 3 out within the first 9 balls and used that momentum to bowl them out before their time restriction. They finished the first innings with 6.5 rounders. During the second innings we were again bowled out early but put up a good fight. Our girls again bowled well to stop De Ferrers using the extra time gained and giving us 2 mins 17 seconds to try and catch their target of 13.5 rounders. We delivered a strong performance and finished on a total of 12 meaning we lost by 1.5 rounders. All the girls played really well and Amelia Hadgett was nominated as Woman of the Game. Well done girls. We have two fixtures first week back on Tuesday and Wednesday at home, see you there!!!

Science News

This week Mr Gilson’s A Level Biology students have been investigating mitosis or cell division in garlic root tips.  Cloves of garlic are suspended in a small beaker of water until they develop roots, which grow extremely quickly.

The roots were prepared by the students with ethanoic alcohol and hydrochloric acid, placed onto a microscope slide and stained blue – revealing the cell detail, including the chromosomes within the nucleus.

The photograph, taken looking down the microscope, shows the cells undergoing all the stages of mitosis – prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.

This superb slide prepared by Ruby Woollard, Isla Stubbs and Bryony Hall is the finest example of mitosis ever seen at School – very well done!

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Year 9

Ruby Taylor-Caine and Lewis Taylor for excellent recent biology results

Year 10

Ellie Clayton and George Hill for a much improved performance in their biology recently

This week’s Animal Care Students of the Week also selected by Mrs North are:

Jessica Bailey and Aimee Wild for outstanding effort in Animal Care course work

Well done!



Online Safety

The impact of social media can be amazing – the promotion of events, the re-connection with friends from times past and the sharing of memories – are all fantastic ways of communicating.
 Unfortunately social media is not always used in such a positive way. 
 Advice regarding uploading pictures: 
Only upload pictures that you’d be happy for a parent to see (the internet is a public place). Don’t post pictures of you or your friends wearing school uniform (this lets people know where you will be). Tick the “no pic forwarding” option on your settings page – this will stop people forwarding your pictures to anyone without your consent. Who are you communicating with? Do you know? Do you really know?? Have you met them? If you know someone… who knows someone… who knows someone….. it doesn’t make them your friend. 
Advice for students:
What you put on social media sites is there forever. Consider the information you share – you don’t know who your friend’s friends are… or your friend’s friends’ friends… Be aware that information on your profile could potentially be viewed by anyone. Consider you photo – what info does it give about you? Understand the meaning of ‘joint enterprise’ Be aware that university admissions and employers WILL check your internet activity. 
Students/Parents & carers please visit for further information

Reminder to Parents

 In the event of an emergency with your child, have you got a new phone number (especially mobile)? Have you moved? Has there been a change in your circumstances? Has there been a change regarding any medical information for your son or daughter?
 If so, it is vital that you alert school so we can change the details on our system. Please contact school as soon as possible.

Teaching & Learning

On Monday, all teaching staff participated in the last Teaching and Learning Community to feedback on the projects they have been involved in over the year.  These have covered a range of areas including supporting post-16 learners and student leadership in learning.  Lots of good practice was shared to help staff to prepare for the next academic year.  Thanks to all teaching staff who have contributed to these projects over the year.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As part of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust we are please to inform parents that we are working with “Attend EDC” in maximising the attendance of our students.
This arrangement will not change any of our current practices & procedures. Our key Education Welfare Worker is Mrs Marie Shananahan.
Please direct all normal correspondence and questions to school using and 01889 561820


Year 9 Vaccinations

Please note the following dates for Y9 vaccinations.
 School Nurse Team to visit school on –
12th July –
All Y9 pupils for Meningitis ACYW and Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio
Consent forms must be returned asap if not already sent in.  Replacement forms available from school office.
3rd July
All Y9 girls 2nd vaccination for HPV (consent will have previously been given at Middle School).


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on 

This weeks new additions are Staffordshire Police Open Day and opportunities at Juniper Training in Burton over half term.

Direct Page Link


Please see the attached information about 6 year old Beau. With many other organisations TAHS would like to support this charity on Friday 15th June.
Staff & students are invited to donate  £1 to wear silly socks for the day, with all funds going to the Beau’s Boots charity.


Follow the links to; School Website, Facebook, Twitter & our Online Shop

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