May 4th 2018

These are the last assemblies in the theatre for a number of weeks due to exams.
Assemblies w/b 8th May
Tuesday is a whole Year 9 assembly led by Julie Rudge
Wednesday is a whole Year 11 assembly led by Tim Brunt and Rebecca Lindsay
Thursday is a whole Year 10 assembly led by Tim Brunt and Rebecca Lindsay
I thought that the saying below would be apt for Y11 students as they approach their exams, they may sometimes feel that the revision is defeating them but they must not give up on it and be defeated!
Thought for the Week

“We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.” – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was one of the top civil rights activists and embraced a spirit of positive thinking and sheer determination.


Dates for your diary

 7th May May Bank Holiday
14th May First GCSE Examinations

 Headteacher blog:

The team spirit and determination shown by our Year 11 Football team at the Sentinel Cup Final was impressive this week.  Despite being up against a very challenging team, they persevered through to the end of the match and should be very proud of their achievements.
The Athletics team had superb success on Friday at the County Athletics Championship with the boys taking the title and the girls finishing 3rd. Congratulations to all involved. 
This week, I met with the Headteachers of our first and middle schools. We looked at ways in which we can further improve transition, the plan for school improvement across the pyramid and also received feedback on a Maths project which has been led by Mrs K Hanson from Richard Clarke school. 
As year 11 enter their final 10 days before their examinations, we would like to wish them all well. We know hard work will be rewarded and that many have applied themselves effectively. We urge all students to use these last few days well. Year 10 students will also be preparing for their end of year examinations. GCSEpod is an excellent resource for students in Year 9 and 10 to start their revision please urge them to log on this weekend.

6th form


Our wonderful Sixth Form Administrator, Mrs Walton, has worked wonders yet again. She has printed and collated all the letters to be sent to prospective Year 12 students regarding their conditional offer for a place within our Sixth Form and information regarding all taster sessions. These will be sent out at the start of next week. Please read then carefully and if you have any questions please email

Linked to this we will be sending letters out to students regarding the opportunity to become ABC Mentors (Anti Bullying Campaign). We ask for a number of volunteers from our new Year 12 to work with the new intake of Year 9 students. They will need to be available for the intake evenings and on the Middle School Transitions Day.

A quick reminder that the school day for all Sixth Form students is 8.40 and we do expect them to attend all tutor registrations wearing the correct uniform.
The Year 13 are working very hard towards their qualifications and we hope that if they have any questions or queries then they speak to the subject teachers for specialist advice. Using a variety of revision tools is recommended by all staff and we encourage past papers to be completed as part of this process.


Please be reminded of the interventions available to pupils as listed below:

RE Revision

Please see the attached presentation regarding a revision session on Saturday 12th May:

Year 11 – RE Revision plan

Maths GCSE Revision

After school revision sessions continue to take place every Wednesday (rooms 48, 102, 103 and 105), Thursdays (rooms 48 and 102) and Fridays (rooms 46, 47, 102, 103 and 105)
In addition to these the maths department will be putting on some extra sessions before each of the GCSE maths exams.
Paper 1 revision sessions:
Wednesday 23rd May after school
Thursday 24th May  8am- 8.40 am (exam starts at 9am)
Paper 2 revision sessions:
Wednesday 6th June 11.20-1.20 (periods 3 and 4) and after school
Thursday 7th June  8am- 8.40 am (exam starts at 9am)
Paper 3 revision sessions:
Monday 11th June 11.20 – 12.20 (period 3) and after school
Tuesday 12th June  8am- 8.40 am (exam starts at 9am)
Equipment needed for the maths exam:
black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator for paper 2 and 3.


Year 11’s – We Need You!
As an ABC Mentor you will

We will be sending letters out to students regarding the opportunity to become ABC Mentors (Anti Bullying Campaign). We ask for a number of volunteers from our new Year 12 to work with the new intake of Year 9 students. They will need to be available for the intake evenings and on the Middle School Transitions Day.

You will work with at least two other Year 12 students and you will be expected to attend one weekly tutor session with the Year 9 form you are assigned to. The hope is that over the course of the year, you will get to establish a relationship with the students in that form and be a source of support to them.

Some sort of community service is an expectation of all students in the Sixth Form and this is an ideal opportunity, this could also be used for the volunteering section of your DofE.

If you would like more information please come and see Mrs Young in room 15.

Save the Date!
Tues 26th June 2018- Art department Exhibition

Please note that the Art Department Exhibition will be open to the public on Tuesday 26th June 5-7pm, and is a great chance to see a lot of the wonderful work that our students have produced. There is hours and hours of dedicated work in Art, Craft & Design, Photography from Year 9-year 13 on display and a chance to talk to some of the 6th form artists about their work.


Please see the information below about 6 year old Beau. With many other organisations TAHS would like to support this charity on Friday 15th June.
Staff & students are invited to donate  £1 to wear silly socks for the day, with all funds going to the Beau’s Boots charity.

News from PE

County Combined Athletics

On Friday Thomas Alleynes travelled to Northwood stadium for the County Finals of the Combined Events Athletics.
The event consists of teams of 4 boys and 4 girls who all compete in 5 events.
The boys did 100m hurdles, Long jump, Javelin, Shot and 1500m. The girls do 80m hurdles, Long Jump, Javelin, 200m and 800m.
Alleyne’s started well with good solid performances.
The boys finished first as County Champions after a dramatic 1500m which needed our team to beat all of JCB’s team to take the title. The was achieved thanks to an outstanding piece of front running from Owen Carrington and a great last lap from Joel Grout. 
This result moved Owen up to 3rd place overall and Joel maintain 2nd in the county.
Lewis Brookhouse had got us off to a good start in the hurdles and Alex Shaw performed consistently all day.
The girls faced stiff competition including a former Australian athlete. Lucy Carr was our leading hurdler and javelin thrower, Shani Wright the highest scoring long jumper, 200m and 800m runner. The rest of the team were Lottie Cooper and Lily Ede who worked hafd to give Alleynes an overall finish of 3rd.



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Sentinel Shield Final

Interviews and report to follow from Match day Max…
IMG_2084 (1)

Yr9 Options – Update

Year 9 students will receive letters next week regarding their Year10 optional subjects. The curriculum that we offer is a broad and balanced one, that allows students to make progress and be successful in the future. We would like to remind students and parents that when we allocate subjects, we follow a process that aims to meet as many of the students preferred 8 subjects but also to create a curriculum that balances individual student choice with the choices made by the wider student body.

Yr11 GCSE Geography

As we fast approach the exams I would like to remind students and parents that students will sit 3 exams for GCSE Geography. Paper 1 is Physical Geography and focuses upon Hazards, The Living World (Ecosystems), River and Coasts. Paper 2 is the Human Geography and focuses upon Cities, Development and Resources. Finally, Paper 3 is a skills based paper and focuses upon the pre release material on the proposed development of a reservoir and the students fieldwork. This link is to the campaign groups website on which the pre release material is based. It useful to have a skim read of some of the opinions in order to develop your knowledge and understanding.
I am sure many of the Yr11 students will have visited Carsington or Blithfield so they will have their own knowledge and understanding of some of the impacts of reservoirs.
The following images are examples of mind maps that might be useful in focusing students revision. I would also like to remind students of the revision resources on GCSEPod. If it is exam technique that students think is an issue the following YouTube clips are useful in how to answer exam style questions.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Science News

Higher tier Physics students are invited to attend a ‘walking-talking mock exam’ on Wednesday 9th May at 3.10pm in Room 54 to watch how a teacher attempts examination questions.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Evans are:

Year 9

Sam Barker and Helena Barton for outstanding commitment to Chemistry

Year 10

Mackenzie Paterson and Joe Collier for being on or above target in all Chemistry tests

Year 11

Jenny McKendrick and Hannah Malelu for excellent effort with GCSE Science revision

Well done!

Art/Photography EXAMS

A Level Photography EXAMS (15 hours)

From *Tuesday 8th May- Tuesday 15th May inclusive.
*Students will be advised on which days that they are doing exams. Check with art staff if not sure.

Please be aware ALL Preparation work will be submitted at the START of your exam, and CANNOT be added to, although you are allowed to refer to it in the exam.
Your 15 hours is under controlled conditions- no phones/music players etc (these will be handed in at start of exam sessions and returned at break/ lunch/home times)
Silence is expected at all times, (exam rooms will have relevant documents displayed.)
Supervising staff are to ensure controlled conditions are met and for TECHNICAL help only should any camera/ lighting/ printer and ICT issues occur.

GCSE/ A Level Art Exams FINISHED!

Well done to all those who have completed their 10/15hour exams this week!
image shows just a couple of the folders we will have the pleasure of marking over the next week. it is always great to see the variety of work our talented students produce each year.
Now that the GCSE and A Level Art exams have finished, students will be expected to attend art lessons to study for their other exams coming up. Please bring appropriate study guides, revision notes, text books GCSE pod etc, every hour counts and the additional 2/3 hours a week using art lessons is a real bonus for your other subjects!


Year 11 – Health & Social Care

Congratulations to year 11 students who completed their Health & Social Care coursework this week. The students worked really hard with many putting in additional hours at lunchtimes and after school and they have produced some excellent work analysing how health and care workers can offer personalised care to individuals in different health and care settings. We are so pleased that many of these students are looking to continue with Health & Social Care in the Sixth Form. For most students this was the last piece of assessment for this qualification and we are sure they will achieve some really good grades. Well done!

Origami Club

​Origami club has been continuing on a Tuesday Lunchtime. We have made mothers day flowers, kites and cats, to name but a few. You are welcome in room 104 – bring your lunch.


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on 

University tasters at Keele, a cracking website and information on Nursing & Midwifery at Burton.

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