March 30th 2018


Did your ancestor serve in WW1 or WW2?

Uttoxeter Town Council is looking for a student who is a descendant or relative of a serviceman named on the town’s War Memorial.  We’d like to invite them to read a poem at the dedication service for the new plaques being placed on the memorial.  This takes place on April 25th in the morning.  If you think you can help us with this please let Mrs Rudge know as soon as possible.
Alison Trenery, Uttoxeter Mayor

Assemblies w/b 16th April are to be led by Mrs Rudge

Thought for the Week
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worth.


Dates for your diary

16/4/2018 School Reopens

 Headteacher blog:

Congratulations to the drama team, and House Champions Torrance,  for a fantastic House Drama competition which brought our school term to a wonderful conclusion today.
We wish everyone a lovely Easter. 

6th form


Easter is now upon us, I can imagine that this may be a time when the realisation of how close the exams are has hit home. This may help focus some but it may also worry others. We recommend that all students create a revision timetable for the two weeks so that they can utilise their timetable effectively.  It is not a time to ignore the revision that is required but it is a time for them to spend time with family and friends. A balance is required and a revision timetable will help with this. Looking at past papers and mark schemes is also going to be beneficial, revisiting old exams completed in lessons or mocks and re-visiting their Next Steps will add benefit to their revision, learning to not make the same mistakes is a good life lesson.

Our Sixth Formers have been working hard both in and out of lesson.

The winner of the Sixth Form Easter Egg Competition goes to Rachel Clemett.

I am amazed by the detail and imagination, which was shown in the creation of this scene. Well done Rachel.

Tash Young has made over £80 in her chocolate hamper raffle to raise money for our Sixth Form charity – Dougie Mac.  Mrs Walton was one of the lucky winners.

As part of our commitment to our students within the Sixth Form Mrs Dodd has organised a two weekly enrichment session for all Year 12 – Week 2 Tuesday Period 2.  This week the focus was on personal statements which will be needed for apprenticeship, university and job applications.

Mrs Dodd’s booklet is only a rough guide to get them started – there is also some information on the UCAS website about personal statements which they may find useful:, they may also find the information on UniFrog helpful too.

Mr Robinson-White also has a wealth of Personal Statement information that we will ask him to share with them and you via INSIGHT.

We can confirm that our next Enrichment Session is Tuesday the 24th of April P2.

For those students that applied for the role of Senior Prefect: Interviews have been completed and discussions have been had between the Sixth Form Team.  Successful applicants will receive a letter over Easter.

In my years of teaching I have never seen such a powerful assembly.  This was not a teacher led assembly or an outside speaker, this was led by four of our Year 12 students who wanted to share information on the Holocaust that they had learnt whilst on an education visit to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.  Rachel Clemett, Jess Poole, Adam Burrows and Lydia Grocott were able to visit Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust and as part of this visit they have to hold an event where they share their journey with others. All students at TAHS have been able to watch this assembly and soon they are going to be delivering it to Middle School students as well. The images that they chose to show made us all question the morality of the Nazis as they willing sent so many to the gas chambers, it made us question the humanity of the Nazis as they willing sent so many to live in the ghetto.  None of the images shown were ‘disturbing’ as HET teaches us that we don’t always need to show these brutal photographs to allow people to see the barbarity of what happened.  HET’s purpose is to educate as many as they can to see what can happen when society turns its back on humanity and compassion is lost.

At the start of the assembly Rachel sang a fitting song in Hebrew, this was chilling as it made many of us think about those exterminated in all the camps within Nazi controlled countries. They also had a visual representation of grains of rice.  Each grain of rice on the stage represented one person who died in this cruel way.  192 bags of rice were on the stage, Tesco donated each of these bags and they will now be donated to a local food bank. 

‘In order for the Human Race to progress as a civilised society one must understand and learn from history. It is with utter distress that even in today’s world comparable atrocities are happening such as may Rohingya being forced into Ghetto-like camps alongside ongoing violence and persecution, causing hundreds of thousands to flee to flee to neighbouring countries, such as Bangladesh, either by land or boat’.

‘As we walked around Auschwitz 1 and 2 the temperatures were unbearable even with many layers. We were witness to mountains of hair, shoes, glasses, prosthetic legs and what seemed like miles of prisoner photographs. We learnt about the experimentation of twins, the brutal conditions, sterilisation, and starvation’.

The Holocaust Educational Trust in a valuable resource to all schools and teachers and we are grateful for all that they do in educating the next generation so that the legacy of remembering this atrocity can continue.

GCSE + NEXT ROUND  16th April – 4th May.

The next round of GCSE+ starts the first Monday of term.  Year 11 pupils will be revising and gaining exam techniques with specialist teachers for 20 minutes each morning.

 Easter Revision

easter revision


Changes to the marking of exam coursework/controlled assessment in accordance with JCQ regulations, will be found on the school website (Policies) from Easter.

News from PE


On Thursday Alleynes U16 football team travelled to Blythe Bridge in the 1/4 final of the Sentinel cup. Our opponents were heavily fancied and the current cup holders containing a number of last years side. Preparations were disrupted by a number of unavailable players due to injury and illness. There was drama before we left as Alex Brain only just printed his coursework in time to be allowed to play, motivational speaker Jay Hughes Ratcliffe nearly missed the bus as he lost his lucky tie, year 10 star Frankie Bussell was drafted in and had to have his kit delivered and Captain Archie Whitehead was passed fit from suspected glandular fever with just minutes to spare. Once there selection was again disrupted as Alex had forgotten his inhaler. Frankie who had only been included in the squad at the last minute was now thrust into the starting line up.  Alleynes shocked their opponents by coming up with a new formation of 3-4-3 and began the brighter with some good early chances. We took a deserved lead as Kieran Coates smashed the ball in from close range. As both teams began to tire on the heavy pitch Alleyne’s introduced the pace of Alfie Bednall who ran with the ball from the half way line and dribbled past the defence to squeeze the ball in the near post. With a 2 nil lead at half time Alleynes were in control but knew their opponents would come hard. Alleynes game plan was perfectly carried out with Blythe being restricted to just 1 shot on goal. The Blythe keeper kept them in the game with some great saves including a penalty. Harry Johnson scored a great solo goal to seal the result. Alleynes maintained their discipline brilliantly as the Blythe players lost their heads. The whole squad played to their maximum with Kyle Young reading play well in goal. The back 3 of Brad Cope, Rob Minshall and Owen Gregory strangled the opposition, Out wide Harry Broome provided pace and width Matthew Wallis provided excellent service into the box. In midfield Jay Hughes Ratcliffe and Frankie Bussell controlled the tempo of the game and showed excellent positional skills. The front 3 of Archie Whitehead, Harry Johnson and Kieran Coates worked tirelessly and were a constant threat. As the game wore on Alex Brain shored things up at the back and Alfie Bednall provided good energy. The boys can now have a restful Easter (while revising) before the semi finals in April.
The first round of the trampolining competitions were held on Wednesday evening at Paulet High School. We took 14 students to make up 2 beginners team and 1 intermediate team. All girls have been attending the after school practices, with some showing real determination and resilience in trying to learn the new skills needed for the routines. In the beginners competition we came 2nd and 3rd in the team event. The second placed team consisted of Jenna Timmis, Rachel Agnew, Evie Sidwell and Megan Gray and the third placed team consisted of Rosie Howe, Bekah ElkinEboney Robertson, Abbie Hulbert and Chloe Yates. Within the beginners competition individual awards were also given out with Megan Gray getting 2nd place and Chloe Yates getting 3rd. In the intermediate competition the team came 1st and was made up of Caitlin Emery, Katie Gilbert, Holly Irvin, Lucy Carr and Frankie Tooth. The individual awards for the intermediate competition were won by Lucy Carr, 1st, and Frankie Tooth 3rd. Well done to all those that competed and special mention to Rachel Agnew who has worked so hard throughout Year 9 and 10, she had never been on a trampoline in Year 9 and has now improved so much she made it to the competition.



Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Hughes are:

Year 9

Harriet Bebbington and Kyle Elcock for their leaflets on the greenhouse effect.

Year 10

Lucy Rogers and Sas Jaenprakhon for effort and commitment in chemistry.

Year 11

Laura Simister and Elliot Jones for their commitment and effort in chemistry.

This week’s Environmental Land Bases Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Gilson are:

Gemma Tomlinson and Jemma Thornett for completing their coursework to a high standard. 

This week’s Animal Care Students of the Week also selected by Mr Gilson are:

Tom Clayton and Morgan Perry for working hard on their BTEC assignments. 

Well done!

History Easter Egg Competition

The winner of the Easter Egg competition was Amberleigh Hackwood-Williams from 11T1 with her creation. Martin Luther-King.

egg 3

Respect Programme

The themes for the Summer term now moves onto some current challenges that young people are faced with day-in, day-out. It is vital that if you have any concerns about the material that can be of a sensitive nature, that you contact your child’s Head of House or Form Tutor to discuss any of these issues. Year 9 will be studying Sex and Relationships, looking into:
  • Pornography
  • Young People, The Media and Sexual Identities
  • Sex and Social Media
  • Sexual Bullying
Year 10 will be studying Depression, looking into:
  • The Concept of Depression
  • The Symptoms of Depression
  • Supporting Behaviour
  • Information Available on Depression
Year 11 will be completing GCSE+ dor the first three weeks back and have now come to an end of their Respect Programme at Thomas Alleyne’s High School. They will still be discussing current affairs in their tutor period when they return, but they focus will primarily be on revision for their GCSE examinations.
Mr Hawthorne


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This week information on:

Trainee Quantity Surveyor position in Burton

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