March 16th 2018

Assemblies w/b 19th March
Theme: Auschwitz: not to be forgotten
These assemblies have been planned and will be delivered by 4 year 12 students who visited Auschwitz earlier in the year. (Adam Burrows, Rachel Clemett, Lydia Grocott, Jess Poole)
Thought for the Week
Some of the worst selfies I’ve ever seen are at Auschwitz or Ground Zero. (Brad Paisley)

Auschwitz stands as a tragic reminder of the terrible potential man has for violence and inhumanity. (Billy Graham)


Dates for your diary

22/3/2018 Year 10 Parents Evening

29/3/2018 End of Term

16/4/2018 School Reopens

 Headteacher blog:

Business leaders frequently cite teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills as qualities they look for in employees. Therefore as well as developing students subject knowledge, we also look to develop their ‘soft skills’. Last week, we took part in the Business and Enterprise Challenge led by the Business Studies department. This week, Mrs Lindsay built on this work developing students teamwork and public speaking skills by leading the BBC School Report Day with Year 9 form tutors. The performance of students was superb.

We have also been notified that a number of our students have been successful in the Rotary Creative Writing competition. Mrs Fisher organised these entries and as a result 5 students will be invited to attend the awards ceremony at the town hall. 

I had the pleasure of attending the BTEC results day on Thursday. Many students who received these results, have achieved beyond their expectations. They now have their coursework to complete to ensure that the grade they have attained in their examination is also achieved in their coursework. 

Finally well done to everyone who attended the French GCSE session on Saturday morning. 

Message from GCSEpod for all TAHS parents

There are now approximately  10 weeks until the examination season begins for Year 11. This means that if your child is not following a well structured revision strategy, it is time to start.

GCSEPod provides over 6,000 3-5 minute bursts of visual learning ‘Pods’. The way in which GCSEPod maps content can help revision be much more manageable as your child can see their revision displayed in a logical way. Each Pod is exam board specific, so you too can be reassured your child is only learning what they need to learn. 

At this time of year, we ask you to encourage and support your child to engage in revision in any way you can. Whether you’re staying at home this Easter or going on holiday, GCSEPod is your child’s go to revision resource to help reduce stress and pressure that inevitably accompanies this period in their lives.

Staying at Home this weekend and at Easter?

GCSEPod is available on desktop and mobile devices. If you’re not planning on any trips this Easter, why not challenge your child to watch 10 Pods a day, that’s approximately 40 minutes of revision! GCSEPod helps to make revision seem much more manageable with organised Exam Specific Playlists, which you can find in the My Courses area of your child’s account.  

Planning an Easter Trip away?

One of the remarkable things about GCSEPod is the ability to download the content to your child’s mobile device so it’s like they are carrying text books in their pockets without the need for internet! If you’re planning any trips with long journeys this Easter, ensure to download the GCSEPod app from the App Store (Apple and Android are supported) and download the content straight to your child’s device. GCSEPod is the perfect resource to ensure your child isn’t missing out on their key revision time.

Your child has already been registered with GCSEPod and if they’ve not yet activated their account they will need to follow the instructions below. If your child has already activated but can’t remember their username and password, please ask them to contact a member of staff.

1)      Go to and click “Login” in the top right-hand corner

2)      Click “New here?  Get started.”

3)      Select “Pupil”

4)      Enter your child’s name, date of birth and confirm the school name.

5)      Create a username, password, and a password hint to help you remember the password.

For more ways you can help support your child using GCSEPod, please visit you’ll find lots more information and resources.

If your child is in Years 9 – 10 you may want to encourage them to get in good habits early. 


6th form


This week was an important step for our Year 12’s. Manchester Convention Centre was the location for the UCAS convention and we were lucky enough to be able to take the majority of our Year 12’s to speak to over 140 University providers.  As we walked round and observed our young adults asking pertinent questions we, as usual, felt a sense of pride. This, for many, was the first step in looking at the future.  It’s a big world outside of Thomas Alleyne’s and for them to be able to talk to so many providers in one place and to see the variety of courses on offer could be daunting. Chatting to them, however, we realised that this was exciting for them.

As well as the Manchester trip Year 12 were introduced to Unifrog. It is a one stop platform for Apprenticeships and Universities and has proved so worthwhile for our current Year 13 students. If your child has not come home and spoken to you about it then please ask them to show you. It is easy to use and allows all students to access all current Apprenticeships in the UK and view all university courses and providers, not only in the UK, but across other countries as well.  All their form tutors can see what they have been looking at, so they can keep a supportive watch over them. It is also a portal to upload their personal statement to so that their form tutor can access it a provide feedback.  We really do value Future Intentions at Thomas Alleyne’s and this is just two ways that we support our students.

On a completely different note, Year 13 have had their leavers photo taken today. Traditionally there is a formal photograph and then there is the ‘silly’ photo where they are able to wear silly hats amongst other props.  We, as the Sixth Form Team, look forward to seeing the finished photographs.


BBC School Report Day.

Thanks to all Year 9 students for their contributions to the BBC School Report Day.  This involved students working in their forms to create a news bulletin.  These were very impressive.  We are very grateful for the visitors who attended our press conferences as this greatly helped the students to get a real flavour of working in the media.  Ellie Roobottom has written the following summary:
“On Thursday the 15th March all Year 9 students took part in the BBC School Report Day.
We had one day to produce a news bulletin with our form.  This began finding news stories for our report then typing them up of computers and finally performing our report in front of the cameras.
In my form all the roles were split up. Some of us attended press conferences, some of us were researching stories and some of us were typing stories up for our reports.
My role was to help produce our report so I had to sort out what stories we were going to do and in what order.  Overall I had a really fun day and would happily do it again.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BTEC Results Day

Over 100 students in school got the results from their January BTEC exams this week.  Students in years 10-13 achieved results in Applied Science, Children’s Play, Learning & Development, Health & Social Care, ICT and Sport.  A particular well done Shannon Davies in year 10, who scored the highest mark in the school on her Children’s Play, Learning & Development exam beating year 11 students who also took this paper. In all subjects our students did really well and this is a step closer to some excellent BTEC results again this summer.


French Intervention – Saturday!

Well done to everyone who attended the French intervention on Saturday 17th March.

News from PE

Year 9 Futsal County Final

Thomas Alleyne’s yr9 boys qualified for the Futsal School Games Level 3 County Final at Fenton Manor by being the best placed East Staffordshire School.
The finals saw us play the winners of the 9 other Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent districts. All games were close contests ending as 1-0 wins, 1-0 defeats or 1-1 draws. Goals were scored by Jed Brunt (2), Sam Cope, Callum Stockbridge and Tommy Mangon.
After 9 close games Alleyne’s finished i  3rd place.
A great effort by all.

Science News

This week in Science we have been celebrating British Science Week with a series of activities.

Students visited the department at lunchtime throughout the week.

  • On Tuesday Mr Melland looked into all forms of motion and the science behind rocket propulsion. Carbon dioxide powered film canisters, a model steam engine, soap boats and hydrogen rockets were all used in the demonstrations.

Soap boats revealed the force encountered due to water tension.  Adding soap to the centre of the boat disrupts the arrangement of the water molecules, decreasing the surface tension behind the boat.  The boat is pulled towards areas of high surface tension by the water in front of the boat; resulting in the boat moving quickly across the water tank.

When the gas was ignited in the model hydrogen rocket it moved a little faster than the soap boat as it was launched across the room!

  • On Wednesday Mr Crum created lots of noise with an impressive display of combustion and explosions. Balloons filled with a hydrogen/oxygen mixture produced the loudest explosion.  An ethanol-oxygen fuelled ‘whoosh’ bottle proved to be impressive and the methane-oxygen fuelled rockets moved with incredible speed.  The students made their own methane fuelled ‘Pringle Tube’ rockets.  And the students particularly enjoyed ‘setting fire’ to Mr Crum’s hand!


  • On Thursday Mrs Swinson had a captivated audience for the rat dissection. The students were fascinated by the internal organs of the rat and were amazed at the length of the small intestine!

Check out the pictures:

Science Week Photos March 2018

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Beech are:

Year 9

Zack Hedgcombe and Caitlin Beardsley for excellent work in Chemistry

Year 10

Rowan Hall and Charlie Martin for excellent Biology assessment scores

Year 11

Amelia Murray and Heather Forsyth for excellent Biology mock scores

This week’s Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Ellie Matthews and Matthew Payne for excellent course work

This week’s Environmental Land Based Science Students of the Week also selected by Mrs North are:

Megan Miller and Charles Frogatt for attending after-school sessions for completion/improvement of course work

Well done!

Geography Revision

Please see the attached calendars of when Geography GCSE and A Level revision will take place in the coming months. A Level and GCSE Geographers will also recieve a revision guide before Easter to ensure they have a full set of revision notes. GCSE Geographers should also be aware that there are new resources on GCSEPod on the economic section of the exam. Sets of exam questions for both A Level and GCSE will be sent out via Insight and Edmodo. It is essential that students practice past questions as part of their revision. 

TIMSS 2018

9U3 and 9H3 Maths groups will be completing the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study on Friday 23rd March. This study involves 50 countries and we are one of 360 schools in the country to be involved in this test and will involve the students completing a number of tests and questionnaires based on Maths and Science.

Year 9 Options 

Thank you to all parents and Year 9 students for submitting your 8 preferred subjects for the options process. We have now begun the process of mapping individual choices against the school timetable. At this point, it is clear that we will be able to offer all students 4 of their 8 preferred subjects. We will notify all students of their KS4 subjects by 4th June.

Bake Sale









CAKES 50P – £1


 Art News

Year 13 A level Exams
These 3 day exams start from 30th April for Art students and May 8th for Photographers. If you study both subjects please be ultra aware of your dates and prepare accordingly. As as soon as you start your exam, your prep work will stop.
Please use the art rooms during your non-contact study periods and ensure the minimum of 5 hours independent study is completed each week to work towards your estimated grades or above!
Year 11 Art GCSE
The final countdown! Art Exams start on Tues May 1st- only 2 weeks after the Easter Break. Please ensure you have all work completed and you are prepared for the 10 Hours element of your GCSE exam, this project is worth 40% of your overall grade. It has been great to see some students making lots of effort to develop their ideas, and use photography to support their investigations- keep it up Year 11!
Art Club after school is Wed, Thurs, and Fri til 5pm (check teachers available to supervise)
Year 10 Artists
It has been a pleasure to see our Year 10 Artists improving all the time in their studies. Please see photographs for a sample of what is going on in the Art department currently.
Mrs Robinson and Mrs Cornell class have been working on their colour and pattern abstract patterns based on Natural Forms. 


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