End of Term – 19th December 2017

Thought for the Week

Thought for the Season
‘He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.’

Dates for your diary

4/1/2018 Start of Term for Pupils – this will be a continuation of week 1
4/1/18 A Level Awards Evening
5/1/2018 Mock Examinations Start
17/1/2018 Parent Consultation re Teaching School Status

Headteacher blog:

As Christmas approaches I would like to thank all the students, staff and parents for their hard work and support in making this term such a successful one. We write Round up each week because we would struggle to include all that happens in a term in a termly newsletter.

Our Year 9 students are settling in well and Year 11 and 13 students have shown that, the vast majority of them, are determined to do all they can to succeed in their GCSEs and A levels. With mock examinations running after Christmas, we encourage them to make sure they take a break to rest but also utilise the time to prepare for their examinations.

​During the lead up to the end of term, we have had the privilege of seeing students performing in the Christmas Concert. They put on a fantastic show. We are fortunate that in addition to our school cast a number of young people who have left us returned to support the school and played for us once more. It helped make the evening particularly special. Students showed passion, commitment and care for each other throughout the evening as well as providing us with superb music. One piece, was written by Carrigan Horne. The title of her song is ‘Unite’ and she wrote it in memory of the people who died or lived through the Ariana Grande concert. The line ‘don’t let your stars dull’ encouraged all our young people of the importance of living their lives to the full. Carrigan’s values of tolerance and ensuring we build a community that cares for each other are inspiring for all. Carrigan is now waiting for a call from Britain’s Got Talent as she played for them earlier this month. We wish her well.

My thanks to Mrs Todd for all the work she put into the performance and also to our Year 13 students for whom it was their final ‘official’ school concert. We hope to see you joining our performances in years to come.


On Wednesday of last week our fantastic canteen staff cooked us a wonderful Christmas meal. In just under 25 minutes they served over 400 Christmas dinners with all the trimmings. We appreciate how well they look after both staff and students.

In the New Year on 3rd January the staff will be working with their colleagues from the middle and first schools at the 3rd ‘Light Up Uttoxeter conference’. As a school we ae committed to professional development of our staff. Staff have had the opportunity to select from over 40 workshops to a attend during the day to develop their own practice. Thank you to the sixth formers who will be doing the opening welcome to the 280 delegates.

School opens on the 4th January for students. During the evening on the 4th January, we invite last year’s Year 13 students back to school for our annual A-level Awards Evening. At this event, we present formal A-level certificates to students, and awards to recognise outstanding achievements, most progress and outstanding personal qualities in the year group.

Final dates for your dairy: Mock examinations start on the 5th January. In the third week back there is a parent consultation event on ‘Teaching Schools’ at 6.00pm on 17th January. The event will last a maximum of an hour and is very much a question and answer session for any interested parents or students.
We wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas.


Please support us with ensuring all students return to school with the correct school uniform.
Outdoor coats & hoodies should not be worn around the building. 
Many thanks 

6th form

As I am typing this the Sixth Formers are enjoying their annual Carol Concert in the theatre, for this first time this has been organised by the Senior Prefects and as I left to go and teach they were all singing along to past Christmas hits and the more energetic amongst them were doing the conga around the room.

In many lessons across the school Secret Santa has been taking place and Mrs Johnson and Mrs Young have sent us their Year 12 history class photo’s so you can see how serious it is taken. Each student had a budget of £3 and within that budget they had to provide a glue stick for their ‘person’.

Donut Day was a success with £500 being raised for a very good cause, all the Sixth Formers who helped to promote this event and also helped in the selling of the Donuts are overwhelmed by how much was raised. We also need thank Mr Washbourne who drove the school minibus to collect the dounts. He sent us this picture. Safety first I’m sure you’ll agree.

As of this morning we had 61 applications being sent off to UCAS, and as the day is progressing each member of the Sixth Form Team is sending them off throughout the day. The school deadline is today but we are aware of some students that have not been able to send theirs off. We will be looking a these as soon as we return in January.

It is Year 13 mocks when we return so we encourage all students to make use of their two weeks off and to spend some time revising so that they are fully prepared upon their return.


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Could you have a hidden talent for cyber security?

Cyber Discovery, HM Government’s Cyber Schools Programme, is an extracurricular learning programme for students in years 10-13 across England. Its goal is to ensure that many more people enter the cyber security profession in the coming years.

If you are in year 10 – 13 and interested please click here:


Music Thanks

Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents who took part in the Christmas concert or were a part of the audience and supported the event. Every year, the pupils just astound me with their talent and their support for one another. It was a hugely enjoyable evening and one which allowed the pupils to really showcase their musicality. I would like to thank especially my Year 13 pupils who have been a part of the music department family since year 9 and are an exceptionally talented group. It was lovely to welcome back ex pupils too, some of which took part. I hope the present year 13s can do the same in the future. Thank you to all and Merry Christmas. 

Think You Know?

Help and advice for you as a parent on the way your child uses the internet, the risks and what you can do to prevent these occurring can be found on the fantastic Think You Know website. Follow the link under the logo for more information. 


Maths Inspiration Event

Last week 26 Year 12 A-Level maths students went to Birmingham for the Maths Inspiration Event.  

Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lecture shows for teenagers – giving them the chance to experience inspiring maths speakers live in a theatre, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world applications.

The first speaker was Hugh Hunt who got us to look at and think about the spin on a bouncing ball, boomerangs, spinning tops and why a spinning wheel doesn’t fall over.  Next up was Sammie Buzzard who spoke about her maths research on climate change and how mathematical modelling can unlock secrets hidden in the ice in Antarctica.  The final speaker was Ben Sparks who took inspiration for his talk from lines of the song ‘Shape of my Heart’ by Sting and talked about the probability of different ways of winning in poker.  He then did an experiment with the audience on the Birthday Paradox – did you know that in a group of 23 people there is a 50-50 chance that 2 people will have the same birthday?

The event was enjoyed by all and has generated some very good discussions  – hopefully it has also inspired the students to go on the study maths or a related subject at University.

 Online Safety

The impact of social media can be amazing – the promotion of events, the re-connection with friends from times past and the sharing of memories – are all fantastic ways of communicating.
Unfortunately social media is not always used in such a positive way.

Advice regarding uploading pictures:
Only upload pictures that you’d be happy for a parent to see (the internet is a public place). Don’t post pictures of you or your friends wearing school uniform (this lets people know where you will be). Tick the “no pic forwarding” option on your settings page – this will stop people forwarding your pictures to anyone without your consent. Who are you communicating with? Do you know? Do you really know?? Have you met them? If you know someone… who knows someone… who knows someone….. it doesn’t make them your friend.
Advice for students:
What you put on social media sites is there forever. Consider the information you share – you don’t know who your friend’s friends are… or your friend’s friends’ friends… Be aware that information on your profile could potentially be viewed by anyone. Consider you photo – what info does it give about you? Understand the meaning of ‘joint enterprise’ Be aware that university admissions and employers WILL check your internet activity.
Students/Parents & carers please visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ for further information

Reminder to parents
In the event of an emergency with your child, have you got a new phone number (especially mobile)? Have you moved? Has there been a change in your circumstances? Has there been a change regarding any medical information for your son or daughter?
If so, it is vital that you alert school so we can change the details on our system. Please contact school as soon as possible.



Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Faizey are:

Year 9
Harry Ahston and Matthew Jackson for very good effort and progress

Year 10
Maddie Andrews for always working to the highest standard
Rubie Greensmith for impressive progress with written work

Year 11
Hannah Clarke for positive attitude and good effort

Well done!

Art Exam Parents Evening

January 9th 6:30pm-7:15pm Ede Studio
Art staff will be presenting advice and tips for the exam element of the GCSE worth 40% of the students Art GCSE grade. The Exam papers will be released on this date. Preparation for the exam starts immediately during the January Mock Exam period and students will be able to attend art club at lunch or after school til 5pm most days as per usual.

Thanks from the PTA

The PTA, staff and students wish to thank all those who donated to the Christmas Hampers and all of you who bought tickets. We raised over £600 from the events held both at the Tesco Community fair and the school production and concert. We are delighted to announce the winners of the 4 magnificent hampers were: Julie Rowbottom, Gary Campion, Emelia Lowe and Karen Beeson. We now look forward to asking our students and staff for their ideas on how the monies raised should be spent and will update you once this has been agreed. Should you wish to join us on the PTA all are most welcome to come to our next meeting to be held at school on Wednesday 17th January at 7pm.

Thank you for you continued support for our students.


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