Week Commencing 16th October

Thought for the Week

Assemblies w/b 31st October
Theme of the assemblies: Reeping and Sowing
These assemblies will be led by Julie Rudge
Thought for the Week
“Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.”
“Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has sown.”

Dates for your diary

30th October INSET day school closed to pupils

19th October TAHS SEN parents evening

1st November Year 9 Tutor Evening

7th November Year 11 Tutor Evening

Headteacher blog:

Completing my student voice activity for this half term on Friday was an absolute pleasure as I met with a group of articulate, thoughtful year nine students.

Over the half term,  I have met with 25 students in total and they have shared with me their views on how we can further develop the school. In general they seem satisfied with the replacement of the school planners with Insight homework portal .

They also shared with me the wide range of extra curricular activities they have been participating in. GCSE pod clearly remains a popular resource. Many students shared with me that they are planning to use it over half term for their revision.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing students back on Tuesday, 31 October.


Year 9 – Tutor Evening.

On  Wednesday 1st November we are looking forward to meeting our year nine parents for their tutor evening.  The evening is held in the theatre from 4.00pm – 6.00pm.  Please ensure that you have made an apppointment to meet your son/daughters tutor, this is avaliable on Insight.  During the evening there will also be an opportunity to attend a presentation on GCSE Pod and Insight.
We look forward to meeting you.

World Challenge Christmas Craft Fair

Luke Hardwick and Tom Barraclough invite you to their

World Challenge Christmas craft fair

3rd December Alton Village hall. 11 till 3.

Selected local craft stalls providing a great chance to do Christmas shopping for those unique gifts. We have a fully booked fair with a fantastic selection of seasonal and unique items.

Refreshments will be available serving cake and drinks but also soup and crusty bread for lunch. Put the date in your diary- See you there.

Online Safety

We are aware that snapchat has been used to create a TAHS story. This has been closed down and the police have been informed. All students must not load up images of staff or students in school uniform on to any social media site. We appreciate your support with this.

The impact of social media can be amazing – the promotion of events, the re-connection with friends from times past and the sharing of memories – are all fantastic ways of communicating.
Unfortunately social media is not always used in such a positive way.

Advice regarding uploading pictures:
Only upload pictures that you’d be happy for a parent to see (the internet is a public place). Don’t post pictures of you or your friends wearing school uniform (this lets people know where you will be). Tick the “no pic forwarding” option on your settings page – this will stop people forwarding your pictures to anyone without your consent. Who are you communicating with? Do you know? Do you really know?? Have you met them? If you know someone… who knows someone… who knows someone….. it doesn’t make them your friend.

Advice for students:
What you put on social media sites is there forever. Consider the information you share – you don’t know who your friend’s friends are… or your friend’s friends’ friends… Be aware that information on your profile could potentially be viewed by anyone. Consider you photo – what info does it give about you? Understand the meaning of ‘joint enterprise’ Be aware that university admissions and employers WILL check your internet activity.
Students/Parents & carers please visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ for further information

Childline advice app for young people


Please encourage your child to download the childline app as a relevant source of help and advice for young people.
The link is – https://www.childline.org.uk/toolbox/for-me/

Further social media advice for students, parents and carers

6th form

It is always surprising how quickly the end of term creeps up on us, this week we have been talking about celebrating the successes that we achieve. It could be handing in a piece of work that has been particularly difficult, and the sense of achievement that it can bring. It can also be achieving their highest score yet in a test or end of unit exam. Whatever it is, each student should reflect on how they feel when they have achieved and accomplished this, regardless of how other students have done.  All our students in the Sixth Form are unique, and it is clear to us that as long as they work to achieve their goals then they are succeeding.

This week we were given the news that one of our Year 12 Students, Natasha Young. Tash Young and Ella Harrod have just been awarded a Distinction in their Grade 5 ballet exam.  They both have lessons with Spotlight Academy. Tash has shown a great commitment to her dance as she has attended since the age of 3 and does all 4 types of dance with them: Ballet, Tap, Modern and Street.  They both also dance with UtoD, which is also a very successful dance group.  Well do ne to both of them.

As you are aware out Year 13 students are in the process of applying for University, looking at Higher Level Apprenticeships and looking at other pathways. We have had 13 students apply for competitive courses, which means they have to apply earlier than most other students do as they have interviews and exams in order to gain access on to these courses. 

Josh Ball – Medicine

Ellie Emery – Dentistry

Oliver Roberts – Veterinary Medicine (Ex-Student left last year)

Laura Allen – Natural Sciences at Cambridge University  (St Catherine’s College)

Trudy Yates – History at Cambridge University (Peterhouse College)

Laura Wilson – Mathematics at Cambridge University  (St Johns College)

Michael Meakin – Philosophy and Theology at Oxford University (Jesus College)

Sarah Page – English Language and Literature at Oxford University (Worcester College)

Lucy Vickers – PPE at Oxford University (Balliol College)

Lowri Spear – English Language and Literature at Oxford University (Wadham College)

Anna Sykes – English Language and Literature at Oxford University (Mansfield College)

Harry Taylor – Physics at Oxford University (Queens College)

As well as this we have had a further 8 students complete their UCAS application early, well done to these students as they can now concentrate all their time towards their studies. We do recommend that all students complete their Personal Statements as soon as possible, so that they can arrange an appointment with their personal tutor to have it checked and sent.  If you, as a parent, would like to know anything then please contact us at the following email address sixthform@tahs.org.uk.

All Year 12 and 13 students have been given a data collection sheet that needs to be completed and returned to school as soon as possible.  This ensures that we have the correct contact details on our system, which does make home-school contact much more efficient.

We would like to share the Sixth Form application process with all parents of students in Year 11.  If students or parents have any questions about the application process then we would like them to contact us and we will talk them through it. 

Application Guidance

Sixth Form Application Guidance

Thomas Alleyne’s Sixth Form application can be downloaded from the school website – www.thomasalleynes.uk.

Subject Guidance

 For example if a student wanted to study : Psychology as your 1st choice indicate this as choice 1, History 2nd choice as choice 2 etc.


-They should choose a minimum of 3 subjects to study

-Some courses are full time and so cannot be combined with others.

Please refer to the 6th Form prospectus for further information.

We will endeavour to accommodate preferred subject choices whenever we can. We will update applicants on any change to their subject choices if and where necessary.

If you have any queries regarding subject choices or completion of your application, please speak to your Form Tutor or a member of the Sixth Form team. Alternatively you can email any questions to sixthform@tahs.org.uk

Once completed, your form needs to be returned to either your Form Tutor or to the School Office.

Personal Statement – Guidance

On the school website students can find a hyperlink to help with the application process. It is recommended that students keep a copy of their personal statement as this will form the basis of the discussion at their interview in March.

Students should cover 4 main areas in their statement:

– Describe themselves & their personal qualities

– Explain their work experience and any other courses they have completed and the          skills gained from this

– Involvement in school and community life

– Future plans and ambitions


Linguist of the week

Year 9 = Chloe Yates
Year 10 = Cem Coban and Jessica Eardley
Year 11 = Tom Smith

SEND Evening

Thursday evening saw the SEND department host their year 9 and 11 ‘drop – in’ event for parents. It was an opportunity for parents to meet the team and discuss their child’s SEN needs. The evening was a success, and parents enjoyed refreshments and the chance to share knowledge and information with the Learning Support Assistants.
There will be a similar evening for year 10 parents later on in the year.

Future Business Leaders?

Business leader Chris Windley talked to some of our y9 and y10 students about social media, personal branding and how to make an idea into a business. The talk was motivational and helped students think more about how to achieve in school and business. Two important tips were, “Be confident enough to have patience” and “You should be using your eyes and ears more than your mouth” in order to succeed. 

Pastoral students of the week

Nominated by the House team, for a range of contributions to school life:

Josie Nelson – for being selected as an Olympic Development Apprentice for Cycling representing Great Britain
Kane Allsup, Kayden Holder, Max Houghton and Maddison Perry – for achieving their Gold credit badges
Alfred Bednall 1103 and Harriet Thompson-Smith 1103 for representing Orme House on Thursday with our interview process for the post of Student Support Assistant.   (All candidates commented on your maturity and positive attitude about our school.)

Science News


On Monday our students were amazed and intrigued by the appearance of the Sun in the morning sky.

The Sun appeared as a red disc and produced an eerie orange glow in the sky around the School.  The cause of this unusual spectacle was ex-hurricane Ophelia which originated in the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Portugal.  As the hurricane moved north it dragged with it dust that had been drawn high into the atmosphere from the Sahara Desert in North Africa.  The recent forest fires in Portugal and Spain also resulted in dust and debris rising into the atmosphere, which also contributed to the effect.

Mr Melland explained that the Sun’s visible light is part of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun.  The visible light is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and these colours combine to make white light.

The red sun phenomenon was a result of the particles in the air causing shorter-wavelength blue light to scatter leaving longer-wavelength red light to shine through.   

This week’s Science Students of the week selected by Mr Melland are:

Year 9

Amelia Hadgett for outstanding physics assessment results

Tom Johnson and Jimmy Wilson for excellent class contribution

Year 10

Jazmine Freeman for performing significantly above target in her physics assessment

Year 11

Emily Oliver for excellent contributions on Medical Physics

Georgia Morris for being well above target in her radiation assessment

Well done!

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News from PE

U16 Football Moorlands League V Painsley H
After last weeks 7-1 win over JCB confidence was high.  This was a completely different proposition though with Painsley providing a stern test.  The name was end to end in the first half with Painsley being far more clinical at both ends of the field.  The half time score was 0-3.  At half time Alleyne’s were positive that they could get back into the game and 2 quick goals from man of the match Harry Johnson brought the score back to 2-3 and Alleyne’s pushed for more.  Sadly as Alleyne’s attacked they were caught with two quick sucker punches and the score blew out to 3-8.
U14 Football Moorlands League v Painsley H
Alleyne’s were coming off the back of 3 wins in a row, but the first half was back to the drawing board as a lack of communication and team work saw Painsley go into a comfortable 0-3 lead.  The second half saw John Ball get on the score sheet and  and then Jed Brunt make it 2-3.  Alleyne’s played much better second half and pushed for an equaliser but had left themselves too much to do.
U14 Rugby County Cup v King Edward Stafford H
You may have seen on facebook that on Thursday year 9 played their first school rugby match.  We had a very keen and enthusiastic squad of 28 players and began very well.  We were caught cold by a breakaway try but after that Alleynes matched the experienced opposition well. Lewis Caparas playing his first ever rugby match made a great break but then ran over the dead ball line, Alleyne’s follwed this up with good pressure and were rewarded by a try to scrum half Seb Hancox.  The second half saw Alleynes make full use of their squad and all players aquited themselves very well. The weather played a huge part with continuous torrential rain falling. The final score was 5-12 and but for a couple of errors we could have secured a win.
Man of the match – Reuben Kenny
Hayden Fisher, Harry Lunn, Ricardo Goncalves, Finley Ashton, Charlie Beckett, Jack Bennett, Archie Fountain, Harry Van Hoek, Will Jakes, Arron Curtis, Sam Brown, Seb Hancox, Kane Allsup, George Beech, Reuben Kenny, Kamron McCutcheon, Josh Rogers, Freddie Whitehead, John Ball, Tommy Mangan, Harry Ashton, Jimmy Wilson, Connor McLaughlin, Lewis Caparas, Will Hocking, Will Lane, Jake Wildridge, Joshua Tortonesi
Fixtures After Half Term
On The First Day back Tuesday 31st October The Year 9 boys football team travel to Repton in the semi final of the Burton & District Cup.
Freddie Whitehead, John Ball, George Beech, Callum Stockbridge, Sam Cope, Harry Van-Hoek, Reuben Kenny, Jed Brunt, Tommy Mangan, Will Jakes, Ethan Clarkson, Ed Smith, Ashton Bagley
Also on the first day back Year 10 Rugby Team host St Joseph’s College in the 2nd round of the county cup.

Gregor Hayes, Charlie Cope, Alex Done, Ben Simon, James Seaman, Ben Seaman, Anton Davidson, Lewis Brown, Ed Fradley, Jenson Bosworth, Daniel Hensman, Will Bowyer, Euan Walsh, Lewie Thornton, Jack Nicholls, Charlie Martin, George Hill, Max Hunt, Owen Carrington, Tom Hollingsworth

Year 13 History – the end is nigh!

The final coursework deadline is fast approaching. Students should have handed three copies of their completed coursework (with bibliography and footnotes) to Mrs Johnson by next Friday.


 Please practice this week’s key spellings:


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on tahsroundup.wordpress.com 

New this week information on an Aim Higher Evening at Newcastle College. 

Direct Page Link

On The Farm

Students harvested the last of the produce from their vegetable plots this week.  Some of the pumpkins were so big that they had to be transported around in a wheelbarrow and collected from school by car!! Congratulations to Haydn Hatton and Laura Simister who grew a staggering 18kg of potatoes. These were all weighed so that students could complete course work comparing the growth of potatoes using organic and inorganic fertilisers.

Our vet skills sessions are now in full swing with vets from Glenthornes practice coming in after school on Wednesday to provide extra support to our BTEC Animal Care students.  They have already covered sessions on companion animals including guinea pigs and rabbits and this week did a very informative session on exotics. They made full use of the animals available on the farm including our corn snakes, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, terrapin and tarantula. All BTEC Animal Care students are welcome to attend, check the timetable attached for the sessions.

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Year 11 Revision Evening

Tuesday 7th November 6pm-8pm

An opportunity to hear talks from the English, maths and science departments providing revision tips and information on how to prepare for these examinations. General revision advice to help parents support their son or daughter with revision will also be presented will also be presented.

Hope to see you there!

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