Week Commencing 10th July

Thought of the Week

Assemblies week commencing 17th July
There are Year 9 and Year 10 Celebration assemblies on the last day of term
Thought for the Week
Given that it is the school walk on Tuesday the thoughts for the week are on the theme of ‘walking’
“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking.”
― Michael Patrick King
“Always walk as if you’re running late, it’s healthier.” 
― Benny BellamacinaPiddly Poems for Children    
“I am extremely happy walking on the downs…I like to have space to spread my mind out in.” 
― Virginia Woolf
“It is solved by walking.” 
― Latin proverb

Head Teachers Blog

As we complete our school year we have had the pleasure of seeing our students perform at Sports Day and as part of the House Music competition. ​In both events staff have commented on how impressed they have been by the way in which students have participated in the events and supported each other throughout. We are looking forward to celebrating with them in our celebration assemblies on Friday. A group of over 25 students set off on their Duke of Edinburgh expedition today we wish them well for their weekend.
We are very much looking forward to the Thomas Alleyne’s school walk on Tuesday. Unfortunately we have not received all letters of consent. Please can all parents/carers speak to their sons and daughters to ensure these are brought in on Monday. It should be a fantastic day. We will keep you updated about our progress on the school twitter feed.
If you have any questions regarding the next academic year please send them in to headteacher@tahs.org.uk and I will address these in next week’s newsletter.

Thomas Alleyne’s High School Farm – Runner up in National Award

We are very pleased to announce that our school farm came runners up as Community School Farm of the Year in a national gala award ceremony at the School Farms Network Education Alliance (SFNEA) Conference, held at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in Cirencester last week. Students and staff from school attended the 2 day conference which included the inaugural SFNEA Gala Awards Dinner on Friday night. This celebrated the very best of school farms from across the UK. The award was presented to students and staff at TAHS by TV presenter Adam Henson.

RAU Vice-Chancellor Professor Jo Price said: “Congratulations to all of entrants; the standard was incredibly high. We are so impressed by the achievements of all of the schools, teachers, and their students. Without all of your hard work, passion, and dedication, none of this would be possible – and for that, we sincerely thank you. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to meet staff and pupils from schools in the School Farms Network, and to exchange knowledge, hear success stories, and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

The Conference was attended by 100 teachers, students, and education practitioners from across the UK, and it was a golden opportunity for those passionate about school-based farm learning and developing pathways to higher education to come together and share knowledge and expertise. The conference explored the role of rearing farm livestock in schools, and the value of land-based education, including the areas of agriculture, business, technology, food security, and the environment. Justine North, the Head of Department at Uttoxeter Community Farm, ran a popular workshop during the conference on using the school farm in the curriculum. Meanwhile the five students were given a tour of the facilities on the campus as well as attending lectures and activities that introduced them to the possibilities of further study in the land based industries.

There were a number of key messages which shone through all of the sessions:
– We need bright young people in the future of the agri-food and wider land-based sector.
– School farms help students to become passionate about animals and farming practices.
– School farms enable students to build confidence and improve their academic performance.
– Young people are interested in where their food comes from, and the food supply chain.
– Conservation is a key part of agriculture, the two must go hand in hand.
– Education must be fun and hands-on, that’s when students learn and become inspired.
– Once inspired, we need to help students select the appropriate progression routes
– We need to promote the vast career opportunities in food and agriculture to young people.

Derby Theatre

This week Mrs Wheildon took the year 12 Drama and Theatre A Level students to Derby Theatre to work with their ‘in house’ designers, to understand the craft of stage design. 
They worked with lighting designers, set and costume designers and directors to understand the process of stage design from ground plans to execution. Part of their complex new A Level specification requires them to write ‘as a designer’ so this was a fab spring board to start that area of study.
Mrs Wheildon was thoroughly impressed with the maturity and creativity of the students. A really interesting day.

End of Year Reports

Please be aware that Year 9, 10 and 12 reports will be available on Insight from 10am on Monday 17th July. These reports will include a pastoral report.

Year 10 Mock Exams & Results Day

Thank you to all Year 10 students for their hard work in preparing for the mock exams, and also for their excellent conduct throughout. We are all very proud of you.
Also, thank you to all parents/carers for the additional support and encouragement you have given. Your child will be handed their mock examination results in an envelope during an extended form period on Wednesday 19th July.
Good luck! 

GCSE and Post 16 Exam Results Days August 2017

Please note the following dates and times for the collection of results:
Post 16 Thursday 17th August
Students can collect results from 7:30am
GCSE Thursday 24th August
Students can collect results from 9am

School Gateway App

Have you downloaded the school gateway App yet?

This is  free app that is linked to our school communications system and has many benefits:

  1. The school can send you text messages for free via the app. You still get a notification on your phone.
  2. You can reply for free!

So download it now and save both of us money!

You will simply need your email and mobile phone number as held by the school to register on the app & it then sends you an access code. If you have issues logging in please email schoolcomms@tahs.org.uk stating:

  • Your name & relationship to the child
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s tutor group
  • Child’s DOB
  • The email address and mobile number you wish to use

We will then update our records and the app will work.

itunes-app-store-logo      Google Play logo

Unused Uniform?

If you have any good quality uniform that you can donate to the school please ask your child to drop it into the student support base any morning next week.
As a thank you we will issue 5 credits per student  in September.

6th form

As we approach the last week of term I would like to suggest that all Year 12 students are prepared for any summer work that needs to be completed before they return in September, it could be books to read, essays to write or even documentaries to watch to in order to be prepared for the topics in Year 13.
On Monday there is an assembly in the Common Room to explain about registrations and Health and Safety for the school walk. All Year 12 students must be there.
Tuesday is the school walk and unless a valid reason is given to a member of the 6th Form Team we will expect all students to attend as this is a compulsory school day. Some of the students have volunteered to Marshall and others are walking, all students must return a consent letter to their form tutor on Monday. If we do not have a consent letter they will be in school working on a set programme of learning.
Wednesday is Mock Results Day, in extended form they will be given the results of their mocks. This is to coincide with the Year 10 results morning. Members of staff will be available to discuss the results if needed. Hopefully your child has achieved their predicted grade, if not then it would beneficial for them to speak to their subject teacher and a member of the 6th Form Team before the end of term.

Summer Concert

Have you got your ticket yet for the end of year musical extravaganza?

Do so now – tickets available via the school shop linked at the bottom of this page.

summer concert

Biology Field Trip

On Tuesday our Year 12 students visited Formby sand dunes and pine forest to carry out a required practical as part of their A Level Biology course.

The students investigated the growing conditions of the marram grass – which helps to stabilise the sand dunes and prevent coastal erosion. Older sand dunes were found to have a lower density of marram grass, but higher plant species diversity overall when compared to younger dunes.

The light-level conditions in the pine forest were studied with respect to the location of lichen on the tree bark. The students concluded that the most favourable growing conditions were on the north facing tree trunks away from direct sunlight.
The students are now back in the lab analysing their data and presenting their findings!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GCSE Computer Science Evening

On Wednesday Mr Cartwright & Miss Smart welcomed the year 9 pupils and their parents into school for an induction to the new Computer Science qualification.
Students were left in no doubt about the rigors of the course and the dedication to their own learning required to be successful in this challenging yet rewarding subject.
Pupils were also given some summer bridging work to complete in preparation for September. For those unable to attend all resources have been posted home.


 School Walk 2017

Tuesday 18TH July is the bi-annual TAHS School Walk. This will involve all Year9, 10 and 12 students undertaking a walk around the Peak District, starting at Dovedale and finishing at Hulme End. This is a whole school charity event and in 2015 raised a total of £2400 for Cancer Research, The Douglas Macmillan Hospice and YESS charities. I am sure this year we can do even better and a big thank you to those students who have already handed in their sponsor money. Sponsor money can be paid in cash into the Finance Office or via ParentPay before Thursday 20th July. The forecast is for warm dry weather so we would advise all students to wear appropriate footwear and clothing and to wear sunscreen. Refreshments are available at Wetton Mill but we would still advise all students to bring some food and drink for along the walk. Can we also remind all students to return their consent forms before the walk on Tuesday.

A copy is linked below for you to print should you need to do so.



Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on tahsroundup.wordpress.com 

New this week a link to a fantastic website all about the apprenticeship program. 

Direct Page Link

Advice from Staffordshire Police


As we approach our summer break please be advised of this guidance from Staffordshire police about keeping children safe. Do please also access the website https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ for all kinds of safeguarding advice for young people.

Staffs Police Parental Presentation

Afternoon Tea Challenge

Year 10 students this week took part in an afternoon tea challenge in food. They were given 1 hour to choose and plan 3 items to make within their group. They were then given 2 hours to cook them where everything had to be made from scratch. This was an excellent opportunity for students to practice their time keeping, presentation and team working skills as well as give them an idea what their practical exam will be like next year. Well done year 10 and keep practicing over the summer.

Reminder to parents

In case of an emergency with your child, especially for our new school year

 Have you got a new phone number (especially mobile)? 
Have you moved?
 Has there been a change in your circumstances?
 Has there been a change regarding any medical information for your son or daughter? 
If so, it is vital that you alert school so we can change the details on our system. Please contact School as soon as possible with the updated information.
With thanks


Attendance Update

 On 6 April 2017, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the father who had won an earlier legal battle in relation to a fine imposed following a term-time holiday taken without permission. 
The Magistrates’ Court and the High Court had previously decided that the father had no case to answer because his daughter had attended school regularly, in that her attendance was over 90% for the academic year to date as at the end of the period of unauthorised absence. 
The Supreme Court however disagreed, stating that ‘regularly’ did not mean ‘evenly spaced’ or ‘sufficiently often’ but instead ‘in accordance with attendance rules’. A leave of absence may only be granted by the school  in exceptional circumstances (Education Regulations 2006.)
 The most common response to an unauthorised leave of absence is a fixed penalty notice, which is issued in Staffordshire by the local authority, depending on the local code of conduct, and which has a £60/£120 limit ( per parent / per child), depending on when the fine is paid. If the fine is paid then no further action is necessary. The Staffordshire Code of Conduct for issuing a penalty notice can be found at: https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/education/welfareservice/ Attendance/home.aspx
Should you wish to discuss any issues in relation to your child’s attendance in school, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Childline advice app for young people
Please encourage your child to download the childline app as a relevant source of help and advice for young people. 


Childline Advice App for Young People

Please encourage your child to download the childline app as a relevant source of help and advice for young people. 

Behaviour for Learning 

As we approach our summer break please find a reminder below of our behaviour for learning policy to ensure all our students can enjoy successful learning at TAHS.


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